I am an Msci student at the University of Nottingham, studying biology. My main interest is plant pathology, how pathogens infect a plant and how the plant then responds to this.

As part of my Msci, I’m undertaking a project which is looking at whether a natural product (vanillin) is able to make plants more resistant to infection.

As well as posting about my project, I’ll also post about articles, news or things I find interesting about plant pathology.

I’m posting to a general audience to get current ideas in plant pathology to a wider audience.

Interested in art?

I’m also interested in impressionism and you can find my paintings here aimeefowkes.wordpress.com

Comment Policy

This is a blog looking at ideas in a field I’m interested in, so feel free to comment thoughts and ideas, discussion is encouragedĀ but malicious comments will not be tolerated.

Any views expressed on this blog are my own and not affiliated with the University of Nottingham.


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